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Manual of Praise

Manual of Praise

a Charismatic Prayer Book, 

is written to help believers more fully enter into the presence of God during their times of prayer, 

either in moments when they are alone with the Lord 

or with the Lord and His people during a Prayer Meeting. 

Tools included are: 

Praise Phrases 

The Titles of God (with Bible verses) The Hebrew Names of God (with Bible verses) 

The Names of the Father (with Bible verses) 

The Names of the Son (with Bible verses) 

The Names of the Holy Spirit (with Bible verses) 

Adjectives for Praising 

Psalms of Praise and Thanksgiving Litanies and Akathist of Praise 

Prayers of Praise  


FREE Book "A Key to the Charismatic Renewal"

By Monsignor Vincent Walsh.

Question/Answer Format


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

and each of the Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Key to the Charismatic Renewal (pdf)